General dentistry

Family dentists are important. They keep our teeth and gums healthy, our smiles bright, and teach us good oral hygiene from childhood. In fact, though many people feel apprehension before a dentist appointment, a dentist is one of the most trusted and ethical professionals in the entire United States. Family dentists know how to make us feel comfortable and safe, and often even give us free toothbrushes and floss (though many of us need to be more diligent with our flossing – it’s actually really important for oral hygiene and health).

It’s important to see a dentist from the beginning of life, practically from the time you get your first teeth. Unfortunately, cavities are not a problem that plague only adults. By the time they reach kindergarten, 40% of children have experienced at least one cavity. The vast majority go on to experience even more throughout their childhood and into adulthood. A dentist can not only diagnose and treat this cavity but dental services and family dentists in particular can help to provide education to hopefully prevent the occurrence of future dental issues. But almost 20% of children ages five to nineteen have untreated cavities. Children should have regular dental check ups with their family dentist so that any problems that occur can be treated promptly and effectively.

But children are not the only victims of dental issues. Even adults should continue to see family dentists and receive dental care. Dentist recommend that every sees the dentist on a biannual basis, though some with higher rates of dental issues might be recommended to come in for visits more often. There are many ways that an adult can benefit from dental services, as almost half of adults suffer from periodontal disease. One in five Americans – and potentially more – suffers from an untreated cavity, often from lack of oral hygiene and dental care from a general dentist.

It goes beyond strictly health as well. Though dental health is, of course, hugely important, the appearance of teeth also affects the day to day lives of many people. When surveyed, over 30% of people expressed concern over the appearance of their teeth. And almost half of all surveyed said that they were unhappy with their teeth, mostly due to issues like discoloration. The vast majority of Americans belief in the power and importance of a healthy, attractive smile. They believe it can help them socially as well as professionally. Because of this as well, it’s important to take good care of your teeth.

Oral hygiene is important for everyone, as family dentists will be quick to say. Many suffer from untreated cavities, which can often lead to pain and more complex dental issues. And many simply believe in the power of a nice smile. No matter what your motivation, it’s important to see your dentist regularly.