What’s The One Physical Feature That Stays Attractive Even As We Age?

It’s time to stop hiding that smile of yours. There’s a world of potential hidden in your grin and a family dental office can help you achieve it!

When you have yellow spots or brown marks getting in the way of your self-esteem a cosmetic dentist can provide you the options you’ve been missing. Instead of constantly covering your mouth in photos and smiling with your lips closed, look instead to a teeth whitening procedure that can buff out those rough patches. It’s not just brightening your smile that can improve how you feel about yourself, either, but fixing crooked teeth or getting that implant you’ve been putting off. In fact…take another spare minute and look below.

Your convenient family dental care is just a few visits away from completely transforming your self-perception.

How Americans Feel About Their Smile

What’s the first thing you notice about some people? It might be the snazzy way they dress or even how they hold themselves in polite company, but a feature many people can agree with is a nice smile. It just brightens up a room and makes them seem so much more approachable! According to a study by Forbes, over 30% of people will smile more than 20 times per day. Less than 15% will smile less than five times per day. When it comes to attitudes toward a dazzling grin, the vast majority of Americans believe this physical feature to be socially important.

The Social Benefits Of Pearly Whites

A pretty, well-maintained smile certainly looks nice…but that’s not all it can do. A survey conducted by the American Academy Of Cosmetic Dentistry found a surprising three-quarters of adults feeling an unattractive smile could actually hurt their career success. That’s even before you touch on issues of dating and self-esteem! Interestingly enough, a smile has also been found to boast a lot of longevity. The AACD also saw half of all adults over the age of 50 agreeing that a nice smile is one of the few features that stays attractive even as we age.

Common Oral Health Issues Among Adults

All right…we know a good smile is a big factor on feeling happy about the way you look and can even improve your chances of success in multiple areas of society. What gets in the way of something as simple as nice teeth? Unfortunately, a lot of adults today are struggling with oral health that’s rocky at best. A 2011 and 2012 study found nearly 90% of adults having multiple experiences with dental cavities. Periodontal disease (an issue that makes the gums sensitive and prone to bleeding) is one of the most common health issues around, though impacted wisdom teeth and infected roots come close.

Basic Tips For Day-To-Day Maintenance

There are a lot of things you can do to keep your teeth from getting worse. Your average dentist will recommend you brush and floss twice per day or after every meal. Your brush should be replaced every few months or when it starts to lose some of its strength, as the bristles need to be stiff enough to break up plaque. Remember to floss not between the teeth, but between the gums to clear them of bacteria and tiny food particles. Last, but not least…don’t forget to rinse! Listerine is a great tool to supplement your nightly routine.

What To Expect From A Family Dental Service

When you don’t feel confident smiling, your mind soon starts to think you don’t feel comfortable showing any kind of happiness. No wonder crooked teeth or yellowing has such an impact on our self-image! A cosmetic dental practice will provide you all the options you need to start reversing these harmful issues and getting you feeling more like yourself. Back in 2017 there were over 125 million American adults visiting a dentist for maintenance or a consultation. Teeth whiteners can do much more than over-the-counter products, while a teeth cleaning can catch what you’ve missed in your weekly routine.

Your smile deserves its chance to shine. Let a family dental care clinic give you a leg up!