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Did you know that babies actually begin to develop their primary teeth as soon as six weeks after conception? Teeth are arguable the most important part of the human body, due to the fact that they are used to chew the food that gives us sustenance. While providing basic functions like chewing, teeth are also important as a social asset; nearly 99 percent of Americans agree that a healthy, white smile is a positive asset socially.

However, without visiting a general dentist regularly, teeth can begin to deteriorate, darken, or otherwise become unsightly. Many people go to family dentists, as they can help with everything from routine cleanings to filling cavities to referring people to cosmetic dentists or oral surgeons.

Cosmetic dentistry procedures like teeth whitening can help to improve the look of teeth, but not necessarily the function. On that note, dental implants are often used as replacements for real teeth, as they look and feel like the real thing. A dental implant is placed into the bone socket of the missing tooth. Over the next six to 12 weeks, the jawbone heals, growing around the implant and anchoring it securely in the jaw. There are a number of different options for dental implants, but by and large they are the best replacement for natural teeth.

Overall, visiting a dentist regularly is integral to your overall hygiene and health. If you are struggling to find a dentist, perhaps you should try online reviews of dentists in your area to help steer you toward one particular office. If you live in Louisville, Kentucky, for example, you might want to type in “dentist Louisville KY.” If you are looking for a cosmetic dentist, you should search “cosmetic dentist Louisville KY.” You only get one set of natural, adult teeth, so you shoudl do everything in your power to take care of them. Read more about this topic at this link.