Three Reasons Why You Should Have A Dentist On Hand

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Unfortunately, it’s become all too easy for many of us to ignore the need to go to the dentist. There are many reasons why you might not want to go the dentist. For most, it has to do with a fear of the dentist — a fear that’s surprisingly common, even if you feel strange for having it in the first place. The good news: dentists understand why people have this fear, and are willing to accommodate them and help them conquer it. You aren’t offending your dentist if you’re afraid to go to your regular cleaning — they’ve seen it all before! The bad news: your fear of going to the dentist is probably having a negative effect on your teeth. As much as we think we can take care of our teeth on our own, the fact is that proper dental care is easier said than done. We know our own teeth, but we aren’t general dentistry experts. If you wait too long between dentist’s visits, you will see a negative effect on not only the overall health of your teeth, but the looks as well. Furthermore, the services supplied by your dentist go beyond just general dentistry. Let’s look into some of the reasons why you might want to visit your dentist’s office a little more often.

1. Cosmetic Dentistry

For many, general dentistry is their priority — cosmetics are secondary. This isn’t a wrong perspective, and of course you should prioritize the health of your teeth over their appearance. But this doesn’t mean that you should neglect the appearance of your teeth. Many dentists who offer general dentistry services also offer some cosmetic services. Certain high level procedures, of course, need to be handled by cosmetic dentists. But many general dentists offer services include teeth whitening sessions that can do a lot to improve the look of your teeth. In fact, 82.5% of people surveyed said that they could see a difference after having their teeth whitened professionally. And yes — when it comes to teeth, appearances do matter. According to a survey conducted by the AACD, 99.7% of adults believe that your smile is socially important. In fact, 74% of adults believe that a poor smile can negatively affect their careers. It’s all too easy for our smiles to wear down. Food and drink can stain our teeth, and no matter how careful we are, we’re always at risk for chipping our teeth. So don’t hesitate to ask your dentist about how you can improve your teeth not only through general dentistry, but cosmetic dentistry as well.

2. Family Dentistry

If you have children, you should certainly have a family dentist lined up and ready to see your kids. As the name suggests, a family dentist can see not only your children, but your entire family. This way, you can ensure that all of your basic needs are met in a manner that is convenient for everyone involved. Many family dentists can see all of your children in one day — and for that matter, you as well. Most family dentists deal with more typical needs and issues. This includes teeth cleanings, cavity fillings, and much more. Remember: a family dentist is already familiar with the fears and trepidation you and your family might have about dental visits. They will certainly be willing to accommodate your concerns.

3. Dental Trauma

Perhaps the most important reason why you should have a regular dentist is the potential for irregular incidents involving your teeth. Your teeth can be hurt like any other part of your body. And with that in mind, it’s extremely important to have a dentist on hand who is familiar with your teeth and your dental history. That way, should something happen — a biking accident, a fall — that damages your teeth, they will be mended as quickly and efficiently as possible.