Education Is A Core Focus of Virtually Every Dentist VA Offers

Family dentist

The common cold is the most common disease in the country today, but tooth decay, which actually is caused by a bacterial infection and that is officially called dental caries, comes in at a close second. Why are so many people neglecting their teeth and gums today, when so many great dental professionals exist? This remains a mystery, but luckily people wishing to improve their oral care have a partner in a family dentist.

Nearly every dentist VA has available hopes to improve upon patients’ oral care through education and collaboration. In this vein, nearly every cosmetic dentist in Fredericksburg VA, just like virtually every dentist in Montclair VA and every Woodbridge va dentist, knows the industry inside and out. They know, for example, that toothbrushes first were mass produced in 1780 by William Addis from England. And almost every dentist VA offers also recommends using that toothbrush daily and replacing it every three months at a minimum, or immediately after recovering from the flu or another viral infection. Nearly every Fredericksburg VA dentist and those practicing elsewhere around the state also know the history behind the field, like the historical fact that Lucy Hobbs Taylor, who graduated from the Ohio College of Dental Surgery in 1886, was the first female to ever earn a dental degree. It is not vital for them to know much of these facts, but it serves to demonstrate how passionate nearly every dentist VA has available is about dental care and its history.