The Importance of Dental Care

Primary teeth appear at six months and are replaced by permanent teeth at 18-24 months. Less than half of primary teeth are lost by age 12. An adult has 32 permanent teeth in various shapes and sizes. According to a YouTube video titled “Taking Care of My Teeth,” Sharp canines are used to tear food while premolars have a flat […]

How a Family Dental Service Can Prevent Cavities in Your Childrens Teeth

Children aren’t known for being great at oral hygiene. It can take a long time for parents to effectively train their children to brush their teeth well both morning and night, and some children are particularly resistant to the routine. Thankfully, your family dental service can offer support to prevent cavities. One of the best options for preventing cavities in […]

Which is Better? A Dentist or a Dental Hygienist

This video discusses the individuals working in a dentist office and the difference between a dentist and a dental hygienist. It’s to help people who are having a difficult time deciding if they want to be dentists or dental hygienists. There are significant differences in the education that these people need and their salaries and pay rates. Video Source A […]

The Process for Repairing a Broken Tooth

Oftentimes, tooth repair is needed when there is a tiny fracture in the tooth, that can occur at any age, and sometimes go unnoticed. Getting advice from professionals and dentists is a great way to stay on top of your oral health. Getting a tooth fracture can happen for many reasons, such as impact during sports, falling down, or even […]

Benefits Of Preventative Dental Care

If you are wondering about dental care, or are in need of basic dental care services, check out some tips on what your local dental clinic can offer. Preventative dental care is part of our overall health, and can help lead to less complications with our dental health down the road. If you brush your teeth daily, floss your teeth […]

What Do Braces Do and How Do They Work?

Having a radiant and beautiful smile is definitely an asset. Good teeth help in boosting a person’s confidence. However, not all people are blessed with amazing teeth, so some people are seeking orthodontic treatment to make their teeth look better. One of the most popular ways of fixing a person’s teeth and smile is by having braces. Video Source These […]

Step-by-step Guide to Invisalign Treatment

Video Source Having crooked teeth can cause a person to feel insecure about their smile. Traditional braces can be expensive and cause a lot of pain. This article will take a look the steps for less obtrusive option: Invisalign treatment. After an initial exam, impressions are taken of the teeth. To do this, impression trays are filled with a clay-like […]

Points to Consider for Future Orthodontists

What is orthodontics? Orthodontists are specialized doctors of dental medicine. For those considering becoming an orthodontist, it is important to understand that orthodontics is an area of oral expertise. Those desiring to become orthodontists should understand that they will have to go to dental school before specializing. Just as medical doctors can specialize in areas like dermatology or orthopedics, doctors […]