What You Should Expect After Getting Dental Implants

More people are looking at dental implants as the best option for replacing missing teeth. Patients who have had a dental implant procedure say it feels just like their natural teeth. Receiving dental implants involves oral facial surgery. As with any surgery, it should be performed by a specialist. Video Source In this case, you would need an oral and […]

The Importance of Dental Care

Primary teeth appear at six months and are replaced by permanent teeth at 18-24 months. Less than half of primary teeth are lost by age 12. An adult has 32 permanent teeth in various shapes and sizes. According to a YouTube video titled “Taking Care of My Teeth,” Sharp canines are used to tear food while premolars have a flat […]

How a Family Dental Service Can Prevent Cavities in Your Childrens Teeth

Children aren’t known for being great at oral hygiene. It can take a long time for parents to effectively train their children to brush their teeth well both morning and night, and some children are particularly resistant to the routine. Thankfully, your family dental service can offer support to prevent cavities. One of the best options for preventing cavities in […]