State of the Art Dental Marketing Systems

One of the most important things for any modern business or organization, is to make an impression online that exudes a sense of positiveness, class, and professionalism. As most people turn to the internet when searching for products and services, a business website often separates the best companies from the average ones; and, of course, a business website is one […]

Finally Get the Great Smile You Want

Your smile is very important. 97 percent of Americans consider a smile to be a powerful social asset. With that in mind, it is important to maintain your smile. Take good care of your teeth and especially of your gums. If you live in Bayside New York and have dark or uneven gums, you might want to consider looking into […]

Keep Your Smile Bright and Mouth Healthy by Visiting a Talented Dentist

As a result of improved dental care and awareness, less than 10 percent of adults over the age of 65 in North America have lost teeth. That number represents a massive improvement since, 100 years ago, roughly half of all adults were toothless. Nowadays, even if someone does lose a tooth, they can visit the best dentist bayside ny has […]

Securing the Ability to Chew

Ideally, people have their teeth for a long time. Babies start developing their first teeth around six weeks after they are conceived. That means that people have their teeth for months before they are even born. The idea of taking care of teeth has been around for a while. In 1939, the electric toothbrush was introduced. That was one year […]

Three Things Eau Claire Dentists can Help With

Did you know that it is a myth that George Washington had wooden dentures? However, false teeth made from wood have been used frequently in Japanese dental history, dating back to the 16th century. Today, dentures, implants and other devices are professionally made and appear like real teeth to help improve the appearance of the mouth, and give structure. If […]

Read This Before Seeing a Kansas Dentist

If you ask any American what the most important social asset they have is, they will you it is their smile. It’s the first thing that people notice about us and it’s the one thing that remains in their minds. When making a first impression for whatever reason, a smile can be both disarming and memorable. This alone is the […]